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Archive for May 2014

Android 4.4 carbon rom for Samsung galaxy s3 Mini

Saturday, 24 May 2014
Posted by shehroz adeel
Make Sure that you have rooted your phone and have installed Custom Recovery before proceeding.

First installation
You need to download these files:
  1. Odin v3.07 for Windows: download
  2. Samsung USB driver: download
  3. Latest version of ROM for Odin from the  download page.
And then perform this steps:
  1. Unzip and install drivers
  2. Unzip
  3. Unzip downloaded package with latest ROM. You should get file with *.tar.md5 extension
  4. In opened window, click on PDA button and select file with *.tar.md5 extension from previous step
  5. Make sure that only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are selected on the left side
  6. Turn off your phone, and then use VOL- & HOME & POWER buttons combination
  7. If you see Warning screen, use VOL+ button
  8. You should see Android and some information
  9. Connect phone to computer and make sure it is detected by Odin (it will appear as COM device). If it doesn’t, try to use other USB port
  10. Use Start button. Wait until flash process will finish
  11. Your phone will restart, but probably won’t boot. Pull down your battery and use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery
  12. Click on Wipe, then use slider on the bottom to let process begin
  13. Click on Home icon, and then Reboot -> System
  14. Wait for boot. Now you should have ROM installed and ready to use!/li>
If you want to install Google Apps (Play Store, Gmail etc.):
  1. Get Google apps for your ROM from the  download page and copy it to main directory of your internal storage
  2. Shutdown your phone
  3. Use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery
  4. When recovery will boot, go to install, select downloaded package with Google Apps and then use slider on the bottom to let process begin
  5. When installation will finish, use Reboot to system option to boot your phone

Root HTC Desire 300

Tuesday, 20 May 2014
Posted by shehroz adeel

Installing Clockworkmod Recovery:
First of all, guys you will need to unlock your phone's bootloader. to do so, please visit a link provided bellow: (For Desire 300 choose "All Other Supported Models"
1. Download the working CWMRecovery_Philz-cmw6-v5.15.9_base_6.0.3.7_by_SPaWn.rar - CWMRecovery - Link at the end of the post
2. Extract the archive: put folder "clockworkmod" on the SD-Card, put "recovery.img" in the folder D:/android on your PC
3. Turn off the phone and remove the battery.
4. Insert the battery and push the volume down button + Power button and wait until a menu appears.
5. In the menu , select FASTBOOT with the volume keys and confirm the selection with Power button
6. Connect the cable to your computer and install the driver, download the HTC Sync (it will install latest drivers automatically)
7. Download the ADB and extract in a folder D:/android
8. Run "cmd" (as Administrator) and in the window that appears, enter the following commands:

cd d:/android
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
9. Wait until installation is finished (almost instantly)
10. Choose option 'POWER DOWN' with volume keys and confirm the selection by pressing the power button.
11. Take out the battery and insert it back.
12. Hold the volume down button + Power button and wait until a menu appears.
13. Select the 'RECOVERY' option with volume keys and confirm it with power button.
14. That's all. installation of CWM Recovery is completed.

Getting ROOT through CWM Recovery:
1. After installing CWM recovery, download archive and copy it to the SD-Card. - Link at the end of the post
2. Than go to recovery menu (Like U did before) and select 'install zip from SD-Card'
3. Locate on SD-Card and flash it. now restart your phone...

Congratulations.. Your Desire 300 is now rooted 

File Type: rarCWMRecovery_Philz-cmw6-v5.15.9_base_6.0.3.7_by_SPaWn.rar 
File Type: