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Rooting Motorola Photon 4g/ torpedo easy method

Thursday, 15 January 2015
Posted by shehroz adeel

I figured I would put this together as alot of folks seemed to be having trouble with the Photon Torpedo Method of rooting. Since Ive been nuked with the new update I put together a torpedo package that is mostly scripted so it should be nice and easy to install.

Standard: I am not responsible if you brick your phone!

Who Should Use This?
- Users that have devices that are not rooted
- Will work on all builds up to 4.5.1A-1_SUN-254_13 

Who Should Not Use This?
- Users that are already rooted.

Whats Included?
- Newest su Binary as of 8/7/12
- Newest Superuser app
- Busybox Installation
- Root Cleaner (will clean up old root installs or unroot current ones) {NEW! with v1.1 8/9/12}

What Does This Do?
- Installs All Components Needed for Root Access

What This Doesn't Do?
- Unlock Your Bootloader
- Make You More Popular

- Download
- Unzip
- Make sure Moto Drivers are installed
- Make sure phone is in USB Debugging mode
- Run Photon-Torpedo Direct v1.1.bat (Sorry Mac users Windows only at this time)
- Follow on screen prompts

There are 5 commands that need to be typed(2 of them are exit) and they are displayed in the script.

- When running the it will throw an error (dont panic) but it doesnt matter as long as it ends up at a # prompt
- When running the in the Root Cleaner it will throw a mount error (again dont panic) the phone will remount when it reboots so no biggie but Im working on it


How to Video by qbking77

How to Video by wwjoshdew