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shehroz adeel On Monday, 21 July 2014

Notable features:
  • Uses a minimalistic kernel patched for AOSP from scratch by me (Sultan kernel Pure; kernel details can be found in the 3rd post)
  • Kernel is based off of SebastianFM's Overclocked kernel v1.5.2 
  • 620MB of usable RAM
  • Self-powered USB OTG
  • Uses Ion memory allocator for everything: audio, display, video playback, camera, etc.
  • CAF KitKat Ion, framebuffer, and video controller drivers
  • CAF Jelly Bean GPU drivers
  • CAF KitKat media and display HALs
  • Hardware vsync
  • No Maps 7 glitches, Google Chrome glitches, Browser glitches, Gmail glitches, etc.
  • SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) enabled and set to Enforcing for better security
  • Uses the newest Adreno (graphics) libraries and firmware available for our platform (Android 4.2 binaries)
  • MTP
  • Adreno libraries version: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA_04.
  • 4.0.0056HMQ RIL


  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Video playback
  • VoIP
  • VPN
  • Native USB OTG mounting
  • Screenshot
  • Recent apps switching
  • MTP
  • Audio
  • Mobile network
  • All sensors (accelerometer, proximity sensor, etc. work)
  • GPS
  • Everything else, as long as it isn't listed as a bug

Major bugs:

  • No major bugs 

Minor bugs:

  • Some issues with VoIP reported (this happens with all KitKat ROMs on the Sensation)
  • Shortcuts for apps stored on SD card disappear from the launcher homescreen after a reboot (also happens with all KitKat ROMs on the Sensation)
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to do a standard full wipe (factory reset: wipe /cache and /data) if you are coming from a different ROM, then install the ROM and gapps for Android 4.4. If you're coming from a CM10.2 ROM then it is possible to dirty flash this ROM over your current setup and install gapps for 4.4 without wiping anything; HOWEVER, if you encounter ANY issues with this setup then I will not help you fix them. I will only listen to your issues if you perform a full wipe before installing this ROM for the first time. When there is an update available it is OK to dirty-flash the update, but don't forget to wipe /cache and Dalvik cache.

Detailed installation steps:
  1. Download and install the latest 4ext recovery from HERE (you must have v1.0.0.6 RC2 or newer installed)
  2. Download the ROM and gapps
  3. Reboot to recovery
  4. Perform a full wipe (you should only need to do this if this is your first time installing the ROM)
  5. Flash the ROM zip
  6. Flash the gapps zip
  7. OPTIONAL: Flash the kernel Aroma installer if you want to customize the kernel's settings
  8. Reboot
  9. ???
  10. Profit
  11. Move profits to Swiss banks to evade taxes

Common problems and solutions:
1. Problem: Music starts skipping and/or plays out of the speaker whenever I go to the home screen!
Solution: You need to disable "Ok Google" hotword detection. Go to Google Settings -> Search & Now -> Voice -> "Ok Google" hotword detection -> disable Hotword detection

You must have 4ext recovery v1.0.0.6 RC2 or newer OR a TWRP recovery with by-name partition support in order to install this ROM. Otherwise you will get a status 0 error upon installation.

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