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shehroz adeel On Friday, 8 November 2013

A nandroid backup taken at the right time can save you from situations where you may need to depend on your manufacturer’s services to revive your device after an unsuccessful hack. While most of you know how to make nandroid backups in the traditional way by booting into recovery mode and selecting the option to backup, today we will tell you how to create nandroid backups without rebooting your device. You don’t even need the custom recoveries like CWM or TWRP. We have already seen how the online  nandroid backup script functions. This script has been used by snoopy33 on XDA forums who has created a wonderful app that performs quite a lot of functions that we will discuss below.
Orange Backup
Orange Backup is the name of the app and please do not mistake it with Orange – the telecom company. The app is based on the online nandroid backup script and is capable of performing functions like schedules backups, incremental or split backup, backup user-selected partitions, compress and backup to cloud, upload backups over WiFi when charging only and a lot more. Apart from these functions the app also has an integrated task killer and app manager.
options Schedule backup
Do I really need to say that your device must be rooted to use this app ;) You obviously need root access to backup system partitions.
Once launched, the app automatically identifies your device manufacturer and model. If it doesn’t, you can do it manually. Up next, you need to select a cloud service where you would like to store the backups. It’s optional and the app supports Google Drive, Dropbox and any other FTP possible.
Backup nandroid backup
Having completed the initial steps, the app notifies you that you haven’t taken any backups so why not tap the magic wand button on the top right? Once you tap that button, the app creates the nandroid backup. This is a full backup of all partitions. You are notified about the progress in the notification bar.
Sometimes when you switch ROMs, you may not want to change the kernel of your ROM so you may not wish to backup the boot partition. In such cases, you need to customize the nandroid backup this app makes. To do this, open up the settings panel of the app and customize the options in the way you want them to be. These options are self-explanatory and hence I’ll not be mentioning the function of each option.
task killer notifications
You can also set a password for the zip file of your backup to make sure no one else is able to use it. The option “Clean cloud” automatically deletes previous backups once a new backup is made.
That  said, this app satisfies all of your needs to make a nandroid backup and has almost everything automated. We give this app a 4.5/5. Hit the button below the video to download the app from Google Play Store.

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